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BETTERMRI is brought to you by the creators of MRIQuiz.com which is one of the top MRI Registry Exam preparation sites in the country. 

We were fortunate enough several years ago to team up with Kris Giordano as a site consultant and subject matter expert.  We have highlighted some of Kris' work experience below.

BetterMRI.com looks forward to assisting you advance your education and getting you those CE credits.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us info@bettermri.com.

Kris Giordano, R.T. (R)(MR)

police exam tips and police test secrets.  NYPD police test, miami police test, MO police test, MIKris Giordano is an MRI Technologist who has been in the field of Radiology since 1993. He has been working in MRI from the latter part of 1995 to the present day. Kris has witnessed the amazing evolution of MR technology from the mid-90ís design of the coffin/dark/long-bore MR system, to the ultra fast digital wide-bore technology of todayís generation. Kris has had the pleasure of working on a variety of MR systems, including GE, Philips, Siemens, Toshiba, Hitachi and Picker, giving him a very well rounded experience base. In the autumn of 1997, he obtained his ARRT MRI license. Kris is a member of the ASRT and the SMRT professional organizations.

With work experience in both high volume outpatient settings as well as trauma hospitals, Kris has had the opportunity to train numerous technologists in the MRI field. This prompted the formation of an ASRT approved MRI Basics Registry Review class, which he started in 2009. Kris has also utilized his work experience in the clinical applications setting, performing on-site MR applications services since 2006, specializing in Philips MR equipment.

Currently, Kris manages a high volume outpatient imaging centerís MRI department in New Jersey, where nearly 17,000 MRIís are performed annually on 4 MR systems. The procedure mix includes Breast MRI, Cardiac MR, MR Enterography, Prostate MRI and Diffusion/Perfusion/Spectroscopy in addition to the typically routine MR examinations.

This site was built with the technologist in mind.  The study guides and review exams have been carefully designed for you to learn the latest principles and earn those needed credits.   We look forward to your feedback.

Any questions or concerns regarding this site or the content, Kris can be reached via email: kris@bettermri.com.

Thank you, and good luck on your exam!!!


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